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In championship darts the player who scores exactly 501 first is the winner.Darts is enjoyed both as a pub game and as a professional competitive activity.

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To do this the results of the games you are choosing must be.Here is another Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that goes a few steps further than the others on this page.

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This means that with a full 3 darts if you hit the equivalent.Live PDC Darts Results, Live BDO Darts Results, Live Darts Results, Live Darts Scores.PDC Masters Darts 2016: Scores, Results, Updated Schedule After Saturday.


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Full coverage of all tournaments including World Matchplay and Premier League.

When a double is hit, the score amount is subtracted from 301.Dart Scorekeeper is a freeware Windows application to assist in scoring dart games and tracking statistics.You can also compete in darts against others for fun. Throwing.Who would come out on top in their prime - Eric Bristow, Phil Taylor or MVG.If you do not score exactly the target sum with three darts, you score a three for that round and play continues on to the next player.

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Most public dart boards will have some kind of score keeping.

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How many times out of ten can you score 80 points with three darts.Darts 14 is a.Windows. Darts 14 darts scoring of darts.The highest score possible in a round is 180, which is achieved by hitting the triple twenty with all three darts.Shanghai: A turn of 3 darts that scores a single, double, and triple in the same number wedge, in any order. ( example: S20, D20.

Although many other combinations are possible, the traditional nine-dart finish requires a score of 60 (treble 20) with each of the first six throws, that is, with the first two shots of three.

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The player then scores the darts that he has thrown and play alternates until one person closes all their numbers and has more or equal points to the opponent.

If you miss three darts at a double you lose the value of that double.The PDC World Darts Championship, known for sponsorship purposes as the William Hill World Darts.

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One thing to look at is what you can score with very little effort, in fact the absolute minimum effort: not even aiming.

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For example, if you hit 25, 50 and 12, your score that round would be 87.

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